Changes in temperature during the day can say a lot about the nature of the disease

Diagnosis body temperature

It would seem that so may be difficult? Fever svidtelstvuet about the disease, about the need to go to the doctor, etc. But did you know that changes in temperature during the day can say a lot about the nature of the disease?

First you need to correctly measure body temperature. It also has its own rules, the violation of which can lead to inaccurate results.

To measure body temperature today, using a mercury thermometer. The mercury column, expanding from the heat, rises in a thin transparent tube, and to scale. One unit is 0.1 degrees. This thermometer allows you to measure the temperature from 35 to 42 degrees. Rising, the mercury column does not fall as long as the thermometer is not shaken up.

Before you measure the temperature, vigorously shake the thermometer so that the mercury column fell to 35 °C. Carefully inspect the column. There must be no gaps, otherwise the thermometer will never show the correct temperature!

This is interesting!

It is known that in some countries the temperature (including the body) is measured in Fahrenheit. Degrees Fahrenheit is Celsius x 1.8 + 32. The difference Continue reading

Relationship between parents and children

Relationship between parents and children — one of the oldest problems, which were dedicated to their work and psychologists, and sociologists, and writers. Indeed, the older generation of the family often have to deal with unusual behavior of children, which greatly affects the relationship between parents and children. Daughter painted half a head in green color, and the son wears a black cloak, a La Neo, even in 25-degree heat. What happens to them, wondering frightened parents. Children grow up and need help. To try to understand them will help us Zinaida Grigorova — a child psychologist, teacher.

In adolescence in a child's body is undergoing great changes: a period of sexual maturation and development, rapid physiological adjustment of an organism. But it's also a time of personal growth, the formation of the "I" provoking experiments on the exterior. Their psychological sense — search your own image; changing appearance, a teenager seeks out and reveals itself. Continue reading

The Cartoons in the child’s life

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Is it possible to watch children cartoons? - Of course, because it is an integral part of childhood!

But which and how many?

It's hard not to agree that cartoons have a huge impact on our children. The kids still have no life experience and knowledge, they learn about the world through visual images and sensations. And cartoons can convey to the mind of a child information both positive and negative...

The problem is not in the cartoons per se, but in what and how they taught. I think it makes no sense to tell scary stories about pokemon, transformers, teenage mutant ninja and other heroes of American and Japanese comics. Every sane parent should make the choice, realizing that cruelty and violence on the screen generates the exact same model of behavior in life. The child, like a sponge, absorbing what he sees on TV. He isn't able to distinguish fantasy from reality. For him, all the characters are completely alive and real. And it will copy in their behavior, intonation, games.

Abroad in the cartoon "Tom and Jerry" often put labeled: "For children older than 6 years." Psychologists unambiguous in its conclusions: this cartoon and others like him distort the reality, lead to a peculiar bias the mind of a child. Still! The kid accepts and natural Continue reading

The Impact of computer games on the psyche

Computer games have become part of our life, occupying a place of honor leader among the many ways the organization of youth recreation. Virtual reality beckons with its limitless possibilities, and the industry of computer entertainment every year, is presenting its gamers new games, which are simply irresistible. However, about the dangers of computer games trumpeting all around – and especially concerned about the issue of gambling parents whose children spend all their free time at the monitor. What are the dangers of computer games and can they be useful?

The dangers of computer games

The biggest dangers posed by computer games is the origin of gambling. This is a real deviation of the psyche, requiring the assistance of a qualified physician and support of family and friends.

People, who have given dependence on computer games, literally lives in virtual reality, only occasionally "went" offline. Extreme gaming addiction is when the addict lost appetite (he didn't want to leave the game even for eating) and sleep (he spares time to rest and even sleep continues to conquer worlds and kill the enemies). The worst thing in this relationship that it usually starts quite innocently, without causing suspicion on the part of loved ones. Why is so difficult to deal with gaming addiction – when it becomes Continue reading

The Education of children in the school, Schools – “Navigator Education”

In parenting, the school plays a very important role, because after the family is one of the most important and socially significant institutions that influence the formation of an integrated and socially active person. The effectiveness of educational work depends on how closely interact with parents and teachers. In other words, only with the fullest cooperation of school and parents, the formation of moral, cultural, creative and socially Mature personality.

The role of schools in educating children

Education of children in school begins with the first day of training, and therefore the class teacher and primary school teacher in middle and high school have a special place in the development of personality of the child. In addition, it is from these people depends largely on the degree comfortable stay of the child in the school team. They control the level of mastering of educational material, the successes and failures as each student individually and the class as a whole, the issues of relations between in-class and upbringing of each child.

Every year the role of schools in educating students increases and the demands on teachers are increasing. This is not surprising, since the child Continue reading

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